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Hard Chrome, Inc.

About Us:

Founded in 1970 by people with years of plating experience, Hard Chrome, Inc. supplies manufacturers from across the country with quality, service and competitive pricing. The company’s original specialty was the hard chrome plating process which gave the company its name. Hard Chrome’s commitment to customer service, however, resulted in the continuous addition of new plating lines and processes to keep up with the needs of customers. To see a comprehensive description of the plating services offered, please refer to the services section.

Hard Chrome, Inc. takes pride in its ability to undertake the most difficult jobs presented. In fact, the opportunity to take on the most challenging tasks is welcomed by employees seasoned with practical knowledge and expertise. Customers are encouraged to take advantage of this expertise early in the manufacturing process for some suggestions on how to achieve maximum coverage.

At Hard Chrome, Inc. quality begins from the moment that parts are received. A traveler is assigned to each job remaining with that job throughout all processing up to final shipment. Every employee is fully trained in quality procedures. Consistent quality is our goal. A well-equipped Inspection Department with a Quality Assurance Program coupled with independent and in-house analysis of chemical baths.
The quality and expertise of Hard Chrome, Inc. are illustrated below. The chassis shown have been plated with the use of auxiliary anodes to ensure plating coverage in all the recessed areas.

The use of auxiliary anode that was developed for hard chrome plating has been carried over to our zinc lines to aid problematic areas in zinc plated parts in an effort to achieve 100% coverage.
Hard Chrome Inc.’s reputation for providing this type of quality and service for parts that no one else can handle has attracted customers from as far away as Texas, Colorado and Florida.

Moreover, Hard Chrome, Inc. is a good neighbor in its community. The company has made an extensive capital investment in state of the art equipment to ensure that all process water, when discharged, does not just meet, but exceeds regulatory expectations. This system is fully automatic, continuous-flow-through system treats waste-water.

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